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The Brits can Stay!

The Brits can Stay!

Portuguese government plan for no-deal brexit, Ministers decide to keep doors open to British Expats.

After a meeting held in Lisbon on Friday, 11 January 2019 it looks as though plans have been made to prepare for a worst-case brexit no-deal scenario, with portugal to continue to open its doors to British expats.


The news comes to great reassurance to the estimated 45,000 UK nationals living in portugal.

The official residency numbers rose over 15% after the government issued a statement that “In case of a no-deal scenario [...] the guarantee to acquire the right of permanent residence would only apply to UK nationals who are resident in Portugal before 29 March,”.


Foreign Minister, Augusto Santos Silva was quick to point out that the deal would only work if the UK would uphold the same agreement to the estimated 300,000 Portuguese citizens living in Great Britain.


This comforting revelation should not come as too much of a shock to those in the known, due to the alliance between the United Kingdom and Portugal being the oldest in the world, first noted in the treaty of Winsor in 1373, and the two countries never selecting opposite sides in war or disagreement in 646 years. Although it is obviously good to know the union between the two countries continues to allow the chance for weather beaten brits to enjoy a Portuguese life in the sun.

Regardless of your knowledge of historical alliances, if you’re a british national needing more information about living in portugal follow this link to the government advice on the matter.