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French Investors in Portugal (for Edit)

French Investors in Portugal (for Edit)

French and Brazilian nationals bought the most properties out of any foreigners in Portugal this year, 2018, leaving the Brits as the third main foreign market for property purchases in the country.

The so-called ‘French invasion’ has catapulted this market to the top of the list. The French were also the main market in the Algarve (30%) last year.


France bilateral relations with Portugal are excellent in all areas, bringing together France and the Portuguese-speaking world and Portugal itself, while illustrating France’s commitment to promoting multilingualism and cultural diversity.


In total, foreign property purchases took up 20% of all property sales in Portugal. Two and three-bedrooms properties were among the most sought after. President Luís Lima, believes that Portugal is becoming a more attractive destination for Brazilians not only due to the “political, social and economic instability” of their country but also because of US President Donald Trump, who has scared away Brazilians who used to invest in Florida and are now seeking alternative destinations.


While Brazilians represent the majority of foreign buyers in Lisbon and Porto, it is the French who lead the number of houses bought in the Algarve. The French presence in the country continues to grow. French companies in Portugal are ranked second behind Spain in terms of the number of companies present (609 in 2017), employees (more than 46,112) and turnover (€14.274 billion). 12% of foreign companies in Portugal are French. France is therefore the number one foreign country generating added value in Portugal.



See below the comparison of the cost of living between Portugal & France.