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Portugal Is The New Paris For Brazilians (for Edit)

Portugal Is The New Paris For Brazilians (for Edit)

Portugal has attracted the attention of the international community, especially of the Brazilians. Apart from a tourist or study destination, the country has become a magnet for investors and families who want to leave their country.

Brazilian population in Portugal has increased especially in the last two years. A Portuguese real estate purchase and rental website registered 1.5 million visits in the first quarter of 2018, Brazil being the main country, with a 70% increase in demand, compared to last year. Brazilians are also the largest foreign buyers of houses and apartments in valued cities like Lisbon, Cascais, Porto and Algarve, who seek tranquility and quality of life.

President Luís Lima, believes that Portugal is becoming a more attractive destination for Brazilians not only due to the “political, social and economic instability” of their country but also because of US President Donald Trump, who has scared away Brazilians who used to invest in Florida and are now seeking alternative destinations. The other reason for this demand has to do with the international attention that Portugal has awakened.

Portugal has some interesting characteristics that are being discovered by foreigners, such as security, the pleasant climate, the economy. The cost of living is lower compared to a large Brazilian city, and property is also cheaper.

For Brazilians moving to Portugal, it's also easier as the language won't be a problem