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Over 10 years of experience in the field of high-end residential and commercial real estate has helped Ideal Homes Portugal emerge as a top player in the industry. As one of the leading estate agents in the Algarve and Portugal, our aim is to make residential and commercial property buying and selling in the Algarve as easy as possible. Our real estate agents take care of all the legal formalities and offer unmatched services.

Luxurious Residential Properties for Sale in the Algarve and Lisbon

Want to buy your primary or second home overseas? Peruse our property listings of 1000+ luxury homes covering a wide price range. Our broad and high-quality listings include posh villas, apartments, townhouses, studio apartments and more. From 1 to 8 bedroom villas for sale in Portugal and townhouses for sale in the Algarve, to modern-day apartments for sale with a garden and swimming pool and farmhouses for sale covering large acres - we have carefully selected each of the properties for you.

Find Your Dream Office Space in the Algarve and Portugal

If you want to expand your business to Portugal and are looking for a lavish commercial property in the Algarve, Portugal, turn to the expert assistance of Ideal Homes Portugal. We will help you with all the legal obligations required for conducting business in Portugal and ensure that you meet the required legal requirements.

Lucrative Properties for Investment

Whether you are looking for land or for residential or commercial property in the Algarve or Portugal to invest in, we have got you covered. Our hand-picked properties for sale are sure to fulfil your needs and bring a smile to your face.

Allow the professionals at Ideal Homes Portugal to find you a property that perfectly caters to your needs. Contact us today.