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An ancient land found in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is a beautiful country well known for its archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and over 340 days of sunshine a year. Enjoying a prime location, it boasts not only deserted beaches but mountain peaks also, blending an untamed beauty with a sophisticated city life.

Being the third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is able to bask in a highly sort after location which as a result ends up creating long term potential as it can be considered the meeting point for Europe and the Middle East. Considered a popular location for expats working in the east with many of them settling their families in Cyprus due to costs being lower than places such as Saudi Arabia.

Benefiting from a vast network of both scheduled and low-cost airlines, Cyprus is a central point connecting to major locations such as Europe, Africa and Asia. Although British are the main buyers and residents, Russians have taken a large interest in investing in property as it is just a short 3 hour journey on a plane and with such a difference in climates it’s understandable why!

Chinese investors have also been acquiring real estate in Cyprus, with one individual even describing it as “potentially another Singapore in the years to come”.

The Cypriot government introduced their own “Golden Visa” in 2015 which has earned them more than €4.8 billion, it is the cheapest Golden Visa scheme available throughout Europe. Other than the schemes on offer many wealthy corporate individuals and companies have been known to choose Cyprus due to its ideal climate, excellent tax and financial benefits along with its relaxed lifestyle.

With a very low crime rate, Cyprus is one of the safest places in the world to live and holiday, as a result it can attract and entice visitors from all over the world - short term or long term.