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A South East Asian country known for its glittering temples, tropical beaches and friendly locals. With over 700 islands it is almost impossible to determine the exact length of the coastline but with dry season lasting from November to March it can certainly be enjoyed by many.


Considered a popular place among individuals looking for clear water diving and scuba diving along with those looking to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Phuket is the largest island and is known for being home to the most popular beaches in Thailand itself, with over 30 to choose from some such as Paradisa Beach, Freedom Beach and Bangato Beach all offer white sands and turquoise waters, creating a variety of magical destinations to explore. 


Travellers searching for the more romantic scenery will find themselves heading further north to unveil some of the hidden gems the island has to offer. One of which is Radar Hill - with outstanding views of Patong Beach it's easy to understand why many fall in love with this spot. It provides individuals with quite a challenge to reach the top, making it virtually unknown to many. 


Thailand is Asia's second largest economy and is a very popular holiday destination due to the wide range of high-end resorts, spas, restaurants, opulent royal palaces, Buddhist temples, several World Heritage sites, vibrant nightlife and so much more. Many holidaymakers take part in courses during their stay with cooking, Buddhism and traditional Thai massage being the most popular. 


Thai cuisine has become famous worldwide, with various Michelin starred chefs and restaurants opting for more Asian styled dishes due to the enthusiastic response of the public to exotic herbs and spices.


Recently, developers are producing some of the most innovative architectural designs around making it an extremely lucrative investment location. Some tourists prefer the self-catering option when travelling over staying in expensive resorts, so those purchasing real estate for rental purposes are seeing the reward.