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An enchanting country with a rich tapestry of history and culture, as well as a beautiful climate. Bulgaria’s is Europe’s 16th largest country known for its natural variety - from breathtaking mountains to lowland plains, seas, rivers, lakes and even a small desert along with wonderful underground formations.  

It isn’t just nature that offers a wide variety, the climate in Bulgaria is beautiful - and seasonal - reaching up to 40ºc in summer, whereas in winter the landscape and slight climate change make it a foremost ski destination in Southeast Europe.

With a burgeoning, English-speaking expat community, the second lowest of Europe's taxes and cost of living, Bulgaria is quickly attracting both retirees and the tech crowd. All of which combined allow residents to enjoy a better quality of life whilst lowering their cost of living as well as tripling their purchasing power. 

In Pirin the air is clean and fresh, surrounding scenery is stunning, the food is delicious and there are a wealth of activities to enjoy throughout the year. The beaches of Kavala, Greece are a mere two hours away, and Greece’s Halkidiki, often ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, can be found just an hour further on. 

The country itself is politically stable, a member of the EU (they are current holders of the rotating presidency) and experiencing solid economic growth (3.6%) resulting in an acceleration in house price inflation, with a 15% rise recorded in the Government’s own statistics between 2015 and 2017.

Purchasing property in Bulgaria is a surprisingly easy and straightforward process for most EU nationals and is generally completed within one month.