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Faro Property For Sale

The gateway to Portugal for those travelling by plane, Faro is a treasure trove of beautiful landmarks and ancient architecture that makes for a perfect place to visit and live. An ideal base for exploring the rest of the Algarve, Faro offers fantastic transport links, but we don’t expect you’ll want to leave once you’ve seen the scenic beauty the town has to offer.


Explore the Old Town, and take in the vibrant atmosphere as you explore cobbled streets, orange tree lined squares and exquisite traditional cuisine. We guarantee once you’ve explored some of the ancient architecture that you won’t wish to live anywhere else. 


Perfectly maintained, you can see the 11th-century Arab Gateway, which happens to be the oldest arch in the country and which once served as the gateway through the walls for those who arrived by sea. Faro offers an array of preserved architecture which is both beautiful and fascinating to view.


Considered to be one of the most traditional and relaxing parts of central Algarve, Faro offers residents a slow-paced lifestyle that is ideal for those looking to take a step back from the stresses of typical city living.


  1. Does Faro have a beach?

If you love to sink your toes into the sand at the start of every day, then Faro may not be your first choice. However, just a short ferry ride across the lagoon will see you enjoying the luxurious golden sands of Ilha da Culatra. This picturesque beach is incredibly close to Faro but offers residents the benefit of not being too close to a popular tourist area.


On those days where you require a little extra TLC and sunshine, you can be at the beach within thirty minutes where many enjoy lazing by the sea, or even taking part in popular water sports. If you don’t fancy taking a water taxi across to this beach, you can also drive or get the bus over the bridge to Praia da Faro, which is another popular tourist beach that has kept its original beauty.


  1. Is Faro a good city to live in?

If you love a tranquil environment to while the days away, then Faro serves as the perfect place to visit and live. Whether you’re looking for a property for sale in Faro or prefer to rent a holiday home – this is one of our most desirable locations.


There is so much to see in Faro, but the city is compact enough that you can take a lot in just in one day as you roam the winding paths and breathe in the fresh air. Explore the saltwater lagoons of The Ria Formosa Nature Park or have a day in the sun with a crisp glass of wine and later, some traditional Portuguese dishes over at the famous Vila Adentro restaurant.

For those who are particularly intrigued by Faro’s rich architecture and history, you can’t miss out on the incredible Capela Dos Ossos (The Haunting Bone Chapel), and the Faro Cathedral which could serve as a day out by itself.


Faro is considerably less “touristy” compared to many other popular parts of Portugal, and so serves as the ideal location for a romantic, and relaxed way of living.


  1. What is there to do in Faro?

Despite often being overlooked, Faro actually offers a myriad of attractions and activities perfect for those who appreciate a more slow-paced way of life. Explore Faro’s charming Old Town which is encased within ancient city walls and makes for a fascinating day out for those interested in history.


Explore the entirety of Faro via The Comboio Turistica, a charming train which takes visitors around the city’s most famous and beautiful landmarks. Something that the entire family can enjoy, this train ride is fun, relaxed and ripe with unique sights and information.


Fancy an adventure? You are never too far from neighbouring towns, and Faro’s fantastic network of transport links means that when you fancy a change of scenery, you can easily explore elsewhere, always returning back to one of Portugal’s most tranquil locations.


Those opting to buy property for sale in Faro have the benefit of being on the doorstop of many of the countries most prized attractions and sights, without the typical hustle and bustle that can be found elsewhere in the Algarve for more information contact speak to an expert at Ideal Homes Portugal.

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