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Stunning T4 Triplex Villa Amazing Sea Views_Garage_Jacuzzi

In Areia branca (lourinhã), Lourinhã

  • 4
  • 4
  • 159.5 m2
449.000 €


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Villa for sale in Areia branca (lourinhã)

Impressive Villa T4 triplex with amazing sea view, garage and jacuzzi.

Situated just 400 m from the beach. Featuring a large sandy area surrounded by an area of dunes, Praia do Areal Sul is next to the famous Areia Branca Beach.

Very crowded during the summer, this beach bathed by a sea of strong ripple, has excellent conditions for surfing, taking place here several competitions of this sport.

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Lourinhã is a village based in a Portuguese municipality located on the coast of the western sub-region. The municipality is located at the northwest end of the Lisbon District, with a total area of 147.17 km².

The origin of the name Lourinhã is linked to the existence of a Roman settlement. In the 12th century, it was D. Afonso Henriques who granted the French Man Jordan the lands of Lourinhã for the services provided in the conquest of Lisbon to the Moors.

The municipality is bordered in the north by the district of Leiria and the municipalities of Peniche and Óbidos, to the northeast by Bombarral, to the south by Cadaval, to the south by Torres Vedras and to the west has the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Lourinhã's economy is mainly directed towards fishing, agriculture, trade, agriculture, construction, forestry and industry. About 80% of the territory of the municipality of Lourinhã is used in agriculture, with potatoes, Pera Rocha, and vineyards, the basis of the production of the Brandy of Lourinhã, among others.

In 1998 the gross domestic product per capita of the municipality of Lourinhã was at 739.8 €. In 2003, 3111 companies were represented in Lourinhã (6% of all companies in the West), agriculture and fisheries accounted for 16.5%; construction 15.4% and wholesale trade and retail accounted for 30.4%.

Lourinhã is a municipality with great tourist potential thanks to its 12 kilometers of beaches, but also for its natural and architectural heritage.

The place of Praia da Areia Branca, is one of the best known beaches in the Western region. This beach has numerous equipment that favors tourism such as the Youth Inn of Areia Branca Beach, several shops and tourist residences.

The famous Lourinhã Museum can show dinosaurs such as Dinheirosaurus, Lourinhasaurus and even Lourinhanosaurus, dinosaur eggs are also exposed. The Lourinhã museum receives about 16,000 visitors for years and several scientists from around the world..

In 2018 opened the Dinoparque, with an area of 25 hectares in pinhal dos Camarnais, where the old municipal dumpster was located, and will consist of an outdoor museum, where the models of dinosaurs are displayed on a real scale (about 250 models) , an area covered for the exhibition of paleontological findings and also a playful-pedagogical area with living science activities for schools.

Culture and Leisure:
With its 12 kilometres of coastline, the municipality of Lourinhã combine with beautiful beaches and quiet bays. These are conditions that invite the practice of various water sports such as underwater hunting, underwater photography, surfing, jet skiing, and others.

The municipality has a lot of heritage that deserves a visit, such as:
- Church of Santa Maria do Castelo
- Church of St. Sebastian
- Chapel of Our Lady of Angels
- Holy House of Mercy
- Convent Santo António
- Paimogo Fort
- Museums
- DinoPark

The Municipality of Lourinhã has many variety of cakes, desserts and wines.

The Almonds are small dry, friable and compact, yellow and gold cakes. A crown of pieces of almond, coarsely chopped, stands out. The White Sands are yellow in color and are sprinkled with sugar.

These cakes, are prepared from egg yolks, almonds and sugar. They are prepared with egg yolks, almonds, sugar and some cinnamon. This cake comes from the old Portuguese convent tradition, since it is based on the usual ingredients of religious sweets: eggs, sugar and almonds.

Seafood is also a specialty of Lourinhã. For more than 50 years it has been fished in the former ports of Paimogo, Porto das Barcas and Porto Dinheiro.

The Brandy of Lourinhã is a great specialty of the municipality. For more than 200 years this brandy has been used by the large Port Wine houses.
It has been raised at European level in French spirits for more than 30 years.


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Property Details

  • Reference HT-DR111912
  • Type Villa
  • Certification A
  • Bedroom(s) 4
  • Bathroom(s) 4
  • House area 159.5 m2
  • Land area -
  • Zone Areia branca (lourinhã)
  • Region Lisboa
  • Features:

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